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QuickCost -Sheet Metal Part Costing Software

QuickCost is a free app* for existing JETCAM Expert users that provides a simple way to quickly calculate the cost of a part based on material cost and machine runtime.

QuickCost part costing software, available free for all existing JETCAM Expert users with a current maintenance contract, is user installable and automatically detects configured machines and materials from the JETCAM system. Simply specify your hourly machining rate and material cost per kilo, and setup is complete. JETCAM geometry files can either be dragged/dropped from Windows Explorer into the app or the user can browse and add files through the app itself. As soon as files are added their unit cost is immediately displayed. Quantities can be changed to show a total cost, and a cumulative total of parts and cost is detailed at the bottom. Where a part contains tooling for multiple machines the user can quickly select another machine to display the part's cost.

Key features:

  • Free for all users with a current JETCAM Expert maintenance contract
  • User-installable, with only material and runtime costs to add
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Calculations based on part area or part area including holes
  • Calculate prices for multiple machines (Expert Premium users only)
  • Ability to export costings via CSV
  • Software available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Czech

System Requirements:

  • Runs on the same computer as your JETCAM Expert license (and therefore the same hardware requirements)
  • Works with all current versions of JETCAM Expert (Expert 1, Expert Lite and Expert Premium)
  • Requires a current maintenance contract in order to function

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