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JETCAM Expert for Composite Flatbed CNC Knife Cutters

cnc-cutter-mit-jetcam-1JETCAM Expert supports all CNC cutter brands including GFM, Zund, Lectra,  Gerber etc.

Main features for composite cutting:

  • Supporting all major textile and composite knife cutterSupports all major textile / composite cutters for cutting fiber materials like prepregs, carbon fiber, glas fiber, kevlar, aramid etc.
  • Supports cutting of oversized plies i.e. for wind turbine rotor blades etc
  • Supports inkjets and other marking and labelling devices
  • Supports ply identification devices through custom interfacing
  • Compatible with digitizing tablets
  • Multi format CAD input support for DXF, DWG, IGES, ORD, and 3D CAD systems such as Solidworks, Inventor, PRO/E, SolidEdge, Catia, etc.
  • High Performance Part in Part Automatic Nesting
  • Interactive nesting (arrays, free-hand, bump nesting)
  • Automatic nesting on any shape material with the High-Performance nester featuring the latest generic algorithms for unparalleled packing optimization and processing speed
  • Materials and Orders databases module for materials stock/order handling or interface to external ERP/MRP applications
  • Automatic batch processing of CAD files through to CNC programs
  • Remote control processing (RCP) for full hands-off automation


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