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Automatic Programming

The JETCAM Remote-Control Processing (RCP) function (supplied with Expert Premium and Premium Connected Automation) provides the ability to drive JETCAM operations in a black-box type manner. RCP is a simple man-readable command language that instructs a JETCAM system what to do with new CAD files, new Orders, and Nesting for any number of machines. Most customers use JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) to drive JETCAM in RCP mode, however, many customers choose to generate RCP command files from 3rd party or custom software applications, effectively running JETCAM completely automatically from another software application. A good example of this is the integration developed by The Aquila Group to drive JETCAM nesting at the shop floor using DMM.

JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) simplifies the creation of orders for single components or component assemblies stored in the JETCAM Expert CADCAM system. Available in Lite, Premium and Premium Automation versions, JOC provides a method of manipulating large numbers of geometry files, orders and assemblies as well as providing information about every aspect of a component or order at the click of a mouse.

Key Features:

  • Batch CAD Import with error logging
  • Batch Nesting including multiple jobs with unique nesting parameters
  • Assembly Management
  • Ability to add External Applications
  • "What If" nesting comparisons for determining best kits, best materials, etc.

A version to meet your needs:


RCP support provides complete automatic processing, linked to one or more JETCAM RCP licenses including real time tracebility of materials, material life, orders, plies and kits.

JOC Premium/Premium Automation

For customers connecting to multiple JETCAM licenses, JOC Premium provides access to all of JETCAM's core databases, covering orders, materials and machines. JOC Premium Automation takes this further with complete automatic processing, linked to one or more JETCAM Expert Premium licenses.

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